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Is Etsy the New Amazon?

Turning to

When cloth face masks were in short supply, America turned to for their mask needs.  Thousands of people pulled their sewing machines out of the closet and began cutting up old shirts to make anti-Coronavirus face masks, including yours truly.  Simultaneously, Americans turned to to buy their masks from American makers.  

Americans were just seeing shortages of basic supplies at the beginning of the pandemic shutdown.  They correctly connected those empty shelves with disrupted long-distance shipping.  The best answer was to buy American-made masks and the best supply of American-made masks was

Doubtless patriotism had a role in this trend.  Made in America now had a practical and sentimental appeal.

Hawaii Style Face Mask

The New Face of Masks

Masks are not in short supply anymore, but there is the trend of fashion masks, where is seemingly also cornering the market.  Face masks can have lettering, initials, slogans or animal print.  There is even a fashion market for fancy bras that are being used as anti-Coronavirus masks.