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Five Minute Crafts Gets Taken Down

America's favorite soap YouTuber is Katie from Royalty Soaps.  She is friendly, helpful and fun to watch.  In this video, she reviews "tips" from Five Minute Crafts on soap hacks.  As an expert soapstress, Katie debunks their advice off the top of head.  It's great to see.

For some reason, Five Minute Crafts publishes content that is flat-out untrue.  That is to say, if you follow their "hacks" it will not produce the result they show in their videos.  How FTC doesn't do anything about this misinformation is incomprehensible.  

Five Minute Crafts makes money from advertising by representing that their suggestions will work.  They will not.  A disclaimer that the videos are for entertainment purposes only, and are not educational or that they should not be tried at home are often used to avoid these legal pitfalls.

Take a look for yourself: