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Counterfeit Olive Oil

Recent olive oil headlines are screaming:

The Olive Oil Scam

Fake Olive Oil: 7 Ways to Tell If Your Olive Oil Is Fake

Olive Oil Can Be A Scam

The sitcom Monk had an episode about counterfeit wine.  It seems there is counterfeit olive oil, too.  Who knew?


But let's face it, as a soaping ingredient, it is not cheap.  The high price of olive oil has created a market for counterfeit olive oil.  When making a salad, that may not be such a big deal unless you have allergies to other oils, but in soapmaking the chemical properties of oil make a big difference.  

Soapmaking is fundamentally a chemical process.  The ingredients combine to chemically change and become a salt, which is the soap that we use.  Just in case you think it is just those weirdo Kreiner Natural Soaps people who do this, NOT TRUE.  Nothing can legally be labeled soap if it does not go through this "saponification" process, according to law.  Otherwise, it must be labeled detergent.

What some olive oil manufacturers do is mix in cheaper oils and sell it as 100% olive oil.  Did you ever imagine that?  Before becoming a soapmaker, I certainly didn't.  

All this means that what you look for in picking an olive oil is where it comes from.  Not Italy, where the quality controls are not strict.  California olive oils are tested and regulated much better and your chances of getting genuine olive oil are greatly improved.

So where does Kreiner Natural Soaps get their olive oil?  Costco.  Great quality control for decent prices.  No, I was not paid to say this.